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Work with TEMA Consultants Today 
and achieve great things!

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💡 Book a 20 Minute Complimentary Intro

As a TEMA Subscriber, you receive 2 complimentary calls a month based on your subscription level. 

Use this call to identify the areas of concern, and agree a plan forward with the TEMA Consultant. 

You may decide to include ongoing paid coaching and support.

💡 Book a 60 Minute Coaching Call / Debrief

Ready to begin? 
If you are ready to start work with one of our TEMA Consultants and have had your complimentary intro call, then book and pay for your coaching sessions here. 

You could use this call to set actions into place, review progress, or come up with a strategic approach. 

If you still need to review the profile of the TEMA Consultant, you can do so below before proceeding. 

💡 Book a 2 hour Group Coaching Call / Team Debrief

Ready to Develop your team?

If you are ready to start implementing your work with your team, you could book a team call to review the overall profile of the team and agree on implementation actions. 


Usually leaders who have set a one to one call with the Consultant first, are ready to take this step and decide on a team debrief.


Choose a call type and Book Below

Our TEMA Consultants are ready to work with you on building your implementation plan.

Select needed call type (£)

Thank you, we will be in touch shortly to schedule a call with you.

Meet TEMA’s Featured Experts

Review the profiles below and choose a TEMA Consultant who you most resonate with. We recommend reviewing their successes and achievements first.

Not sure where to start?
Book a 20 minute exploratory call and we will help you on your next steps.

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TEMA Consultants 
Help You Achieve…

Reduced Staff Turnover

With the global employment crisis, team members are leaving companies now more than ever. TEMA helps you to understand your team members in detail from what makes them tick to what excites them and makes them happier, contributing team members.

Increased Revenue

When your team operates in the right roles, right mindset and right positions according to who they naturally are, you have the ability to scale results quickly. TEMA uses psychometric profiling to help you understand who is better at doing what.


Improved Performance

TEMA uses well-known testing tools that are used by millions of test takers, then simplifies the results and supports you with a clear dashboard to view your metrics and take clear action steps.

 Increased Team Productivity

How do you know your team is being productive? With the right metrics and measurements, you can see and track the improved results. TEMA provides you a clear dashboard on weekly improvements within your team.


Enhanced Collaboration

The biggest challenge with team working together is knowing who should be doing what, who feels they are not in the right place, who is a loud contributor, and who is a silent contributor. 

Great Communication

TEMA allows you and your team to compare the personal test ratings against the team ratings, as well as the global TEMA ratings. This will provide you and the team target areas to focus on in order to improve your ratings. 


Remember, high ratings increase results, low ratings give you target areas of focus to improve.

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