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TEMA Pre-Launch offer

Available by 25 March 2023 only.

​Take advantage of our Pre-Launch offer worth over £3,000 for only £297 and receive:

  • Five Psychometric Intelligence profiles, worth £400 (we're currently using Wealth Dynamics),

  • A personal debrief for you (to learn about your results and how you maximise this information), worth £297,

  • A Team debrief for your team (for your team to learn about the team metrics and how to support each other with this information), worth £597, and

  • Primary access to the TEMA Beta App with a Free SIX months Pro Plan subscription, worth £1,782.

A total value of £3,076 for only £297.00

Please note:

  • Limited by 29 places in total. (with only a few remaining)

  • For Pre Launch purchases by 25 March 2023 only.

  • Delivery in April / May 2023.

Once purchased, we will schedule your intro and preparation call!

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