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TEMA is raising £2.5m over the next 3 years, split into 4 tranches, starting with its Seed funding round of £350k in May 2023 for 8.14% of the business. This tranche is one of the most exciting raises as this focuses on developing TEMA’s pathways into key revenue streams for the portal and consultancy, hire important team members in marketing, as well as acquiring new customers.


The TEMA Portal will become self-sufficient as a full suite employee engagement portal to grow teams faster than ever before. 


TEMA completed its successful Pre-Seed funding round in January 2023, and has SEIS and EIS Assured by HMRC in this seed round.

TEMA is fundraising


Apply to our Seed Round Today

*Investment opened May 2023
* Investment into TEMA is limited by availability, available on a first come first serve basis, and is not guaranteed to be available should the funding round be oversubscribed.

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