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“We’re on a mission to build incredible employee engagement from startups to SMEs and even large corporations faster and simpler than ever before.

We always start with you.

— Daniel Acutt, Founder

Understand the power of TEMA in only 90 seconds.

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A recent survey by found that over 70% of employees in the UK alone are unhappy in their jobs and we believe this is due to a mismatch of skills and natural abilities and strengths. 


This is backed up by the National Career Development Association, which found that, “people are happiest and perform best when their natural abilities are used to the fullest.” This is what TEMA helps leaders achieve.

What is TEMA?

TEMA ("tee-ma") is a full suite employee engagement portal and consultancy that empowers business owners and team leaders to build powerful, engaged and high-performing teams, faster than ever before.

If you are a team leader or talent manager, then this is for you.


👤 Individual

It all begins with you. The desire to change, improve, learn or grow. If you are ready to work on yourself, and know you need help, we can help you achieve great things.

We will explore your current challenges relating to your current work life, deep dive into your personality intelligence, and connect your purpose and values to your mission. 

🪬 Leader

Being a manager is a job, Being a leader is a duty. Great teams, great work ecosystems and great culture are a direct reflection on the leaders ability to build. 

You are choosing to show up every day as a certain type of leader, but who do you truly want to become?

We will expand your leadership capacity and capabilities, identify problems areas and support you to create healthy ecosystems and sustainable results.

👥 Team

Leaders without a team are loners, and teams thrive with great leaders that lead them focused forward.

Teams are a collective, where every person contributes towards the mission success. 

Teams are built on trust, ownership and care, and together we will explore the best and fastest route to build high-performing teams that are high-engaged.

🏢 Organisation

We look at the whole business as an ecosystem. All the elements are needed to survive, and volume of elements are needed to thrive. 

What is working? What is not working? What are you missing?
Are you looking to increase revenue? Or, are you looking to increase value or leverage?

We help organisations grow over time to become incredible examples or a thriving ecosystem. 

🗣 Consultant

We offer pathways for consultants who want to use the TEMA system and portal with their clients to achieve great things. 

We also support consultants to grow their businesses into thriving coaching and training enterprises, using our tools to succeed.

Visit TEMA Consultancy and Book an Intro Call

Powerful TEMA tools to Achieve Better Results

Achieve Great Things in 4 Easy Steps

All Hands In
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

— Michael Jordan, American businessman and former professional basketball player

TEMA Helps You Achieve

Reduced Staff Turnover

With the global employment crisis, team members are leaving companies now more than ever. TEMA helps you to understand your team members in detail from what makes them tick to what excites them and makes them happier, contributing team members.

Increased Revenue

When your team operates in the right roles, right mindset and right positions according to who they naturally are, you have the ability to scale results quickly. TEMA uses psychometric profiling to help you understand who is better at doing what.


Improved Performance

TEMA uses well-known testing tools that are used by millions of test takers, then simplifies the results and supports you with a clear dashboard to view your metrics and take clear action steps.

 Increased Team Productivity

How do you know your team is being productive? With the right metrics and measurements, you can see and track the improved results. TEMA provides you a clear dashboard on weekly improvements within your team.


Enhanced Collaboration

The biggest challenge with team working together is knowing who should be doing what, who feels they are not in the right place, who is a loud contributor, and who is a silent contributor. 

Great Communication

TEMA allows you and your team to compare the personal test ratings against the team ratings, as well as the global TEMA ratings. This will provide you and the team target areas to focus on in order to improve your ratings. 


Remember, high ratings increase results, low ratings give you target areas of focus to improve.


**Are you a Coach, Trainer or Consultant wanting to work with TEMA? Apply HERE.

TEMA launched its Seed funding round in April 2023 and will close when fully subscribed or by the end of Q2 2023, whichever comes first. The target raise is up to £350k (Tranche 1) in order to implement MVP 2.0, grow our team and market our app. 

TEMA completed its successful Pre-Seed funding round in January 2023.

TEMA is SEIS and EIS Assured by HMRC in this Round.

TEMA is an investible Enterprise


Join our Seed Funding Round Today

*Investment opened April 2023
* Investment into TEMA is limited by availability, available on a first come first serve basis, and is not guaranteed to be available should the funding round be oversubscribed.

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