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Hello, I'm Dan

I am the Founder of TEMA Resources. TEMA is a full suite employee engagement portal and consultancy that empowers business owners and team leaders to build powerful, engaged and high-performing teams, faster than ever before. 

I am a passionate leader and mentor and have spent the past 10 years in psychometrics and personality profiling, having worked with hundreds of companies and over 5,000 employees to find their flow.

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Why work with me?

I love working with leaders and teams to get into flow quick and generate results. ​

  • I am a high-performer and know how to build high-performing leaders and teams.

  • I am solutions driven and able to quickly interpret issues and provide solutions.

  • I am a specialist in Psychometrics having used Talent Dynamics and completed over 5,000 debriefs over the past 8 years.

  • I love to work with life partners who also are work partners! Saving marriages is my speciality using psychometrics.

  • I took GNS public on the NYSEAM in 2022 and understand what it takes to deliver.

My Story

I've spent so many years trying to figure out why I was always unhappy at work. Why things were hard, why I got bored, why I was excited about certain things and drained with others. It's all about mastering flow. This is why I started TEMA, because every person deserves a chance to experience true flow. 

I was always working, even as a young adult, from fuel pump attendant to servers in restaurants, and even working in a small courier company. In fact my first real business, albeit a once off, was running a restaurant at 10 years old with my two best mates, we did hot dogs, hamburgers and invited everyone from the neighbourhood with invite cards in their letterboxes. This is when I discovered I had leadership potential, why, well because I was the one collecting the money and directing the team and operation.

My professional journey started as a trained chef in South Africa working at prestigious safari lodges in Shamwari Game Reserve, the place where Tiger Woods married his now ex-wife. I met and cooked for  all sorts of celebrities such as John Travolta, Nicholas Cage and Brad Pitt. I also did a season in Monaco and Italy as a Villa and Yacht Chef.


I then went on to further my education in Switzerland at the award winning SHMS Caux, a business and hospitality university based in a castle on the mountain, yes thats right. In 2023, it was again voted top 3 school in the world, second year in a row. I excelled here as I was the only student in my year to graduate with Honours and I was also awarded the top cumulative academic average award. This was my first experience of a true ecosystem. One where everything was enabled to grow into their greatest potential. 

I worked as head of events for a few years and enjoyed many successes by being able to create memorable moments for all those who I was to look after, from weddings to corporate events, golf days and even becoming head of operations for restaurants, you name it, I did it. I did it well.

After moving to Johannesburg, I decided to open my second business, this time an official one, a concierge company called Gouvon. I was building a membership base to serve high end clients, and only after a few months I was approached to take on a much larger role and merge my company with another, The REAL Success Network. After three month trial, we moved over completely and I was there for more than two years building a memberships division to over 500 members and £50k monthly recurring revenue and a team of seven. 

In 2015, I got married to my husband, Tristan, and together we moved to the UK. Pretty much with nothing, to start a new life in a thrive environment. I began working for Michelle Clarke as a junior project manager in Entrepreneurs Institute (now Genius Group "GNS") and worked my way up to Head of Investments within 4 years. I remained in this role for 4 years and achieved incredible results including generating over $30m in sales and investments as well as being the project leader taking the company public onto the NYSE American in 2022. 

I left Genius to start TEMA for a real reason. Over 70% of employees are unhappy in their jobs in the UK alone, and this is a global crisis. Current employee engagement platforms do not solve this as they only focus on performance management and tracking alone. In this environment, its just not enough.

My journey now continues.....

Contact me

I'm always looking for leaders and teams to help 🏆 

Please get in touch 😉

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