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The TEMA Consultancy provides valuable strategic and implementation support for C-Level teams and business leaders in Startups to Small to Medium enterprise (SMEs). This service is a hands-on approach to working with leaders to build powerful teams, increase business revenue, and ongoing support to improve overall business operations.

The TEMA Method

TEMA’s approach begins with a business MOT to truly and quickly understand where to focus. It is an in depth check that is split between 5 main focus areas of Model, Revenue, Systems, Team and Customers. This quick process enables both the client and the mentor to identify key problem areas in the business that need solving.

If you’re a Startup

  • You are at the point where you understand that the strategic approach is important, but are not yet sure how different it will be if you just do it yourself. 

  • You’re a part of Startup communities that you feel can support what you need. 

  • You are putting people into positions that you feel are right, but are they doing their best?

If you’re an SME

  • You are at the point where you may feel your team or business is stagnant and are looking for inspiration and smart ways to move forward without making mistakes.

  • It’s time to consider the team taking over more responsibility in your business so you can do more of the things you want to do.

Every consultancy client receives a subscription to TEMA Portal in order to gather valuable intel about their teams’ natural cognitive abilities and strengths as well as being able to measure progress changes over time.

Who you will work with

DK ACUTT Profile - Daniel Acutt.jpg

Daniel Acutt

Founder at TEMA

  • I am a high-performer and know how to build high-performing leaders and teams.

  • I am solutions driven and able to quickly interpret issues and provide solutions.

  • I am a specialist in Psychometrics having used Talent Dynamics and completed over 5,000 debriefs over the past 8 years.

  • I love to work with life partners who also are work partners! Saving marriages is my speciality using psychometrics.

  • I took GNS public on the NYSEAM in 2022 and understand what it takes to deliver.


  • Swiss Higher Diploma in Business and Hospitality Management (Cum Laude).

  • Master of Science in Finance and Investment Management (In progress).

  • Flow Consultant, Performance Consultant and Master Trainer in Talent Dynamics.

Sally Cope business 1.jpg

Sally Anne Cope

Head of Coaching at TEMA

  • I am a specialist coach and trainer who has coached 3 winners and the top 5 performers in Property Investors Network (pin).

  • I won the 'Coach Who Makes the Most Difference' award in 2019.

  • I am highly experienced in Wealth and Talent Dynamics psychometrics and are able to do individual and team debriefs.

  • I have completed over 500 consultations in psychometrics.

  • I have worked with clients from low level mindsets all the way to top level leadership mindsets. There is always a next step.


  • Licensed Flow Consultant with Talent Dynamics and Teen Dynamics.

  • Genius Educator.

  • Certificate in Education.

  • National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders.

  • Certified Member of Association of Business Mentoring.

Working with TEMA Helps You Achieve

Reduced Staff Turnover

With the global employment crisis, team members are leaving companies now more than ever. TEMA helps you to understand your team members in detail from what makes them tick to what excites them and makes them happier, contributing team members.


Increased Revenue

When your team operates in the right roles, right mindset and right positions according to who they naturally are, you have the ability to scale results quickly. TEMA uses psychometric profiling to help you understand who is better at doing what.


Improved Performance

TEMA uses well-known testing tools that are used by millions of test takers, then simplifies the results and supports you with a clear dashboard to view your metrics and take clear action steps.


 Increased Team Productivity

How do you know your team is being productive? With the right metrics and measurements, you can see and track the improved results. TEMA provides you a clear dashboard on weekly improvements within your team.


Enhanced Collaboration

The biggest challenge with team working together is knowing who should be doing what, who feels they are not in the right place, who is a loud contributor, and who is a silent contributor. 


Great Communication

TEMA allows you and your team to compare the personal test ratings against the team ratings, as well as the global TEMA ratings. This will provide you and the team target areas to focus on in order to improve your ratings. 


Remember, high ratings increase results, low ratings give you target areas of focus to improve.

If you are a team leader or talent manager, then this is for you.

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